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Mistakes to Avoid if You Want a Bathroom in Black

The black bathrooms or dark leave no one indifferent and bring out our most vein dramatic and theatrical.

The black bathrooms or dark leave no one indifferent and bring out our most vein dramatic and theatrical. They are a decoration trend, but, even if they are not, they always have a place in our heart as an apprentice interior designer because they exude style and sophistication. Of course, as with white, success depends on how it is used. These are the most common mistakes you should avoid to make your bathroom the most elegant place in the house, such as this space by Jacob Delafon at Casa Decor, the work of interior designer Manuel Espejo.

If it’s done, it’s done right
We know that it is a risky option, so you must be completely decided, but once you make the decision, embrace it convinced, since it is a room that you use daily and you need to feel comfortable in it.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Always bet on a ‘total look’
If you like the black bathroom for its character and elegance, but are not ready for the ‘big leap’, don’t worry, there are subtle ways to break that too dark side. Start by avoiding excesses and add some discreet touches of color, which counteract the power of ‘black’. A few small golden notes on faucets, accessories or mirrors; a white brushstroke that gives light to some decorative objects, the bathtub, the parquet or the tiles; or a dose of daring with bright or yellow tones. Everything is a matter of taste. In this environment by Ballingslöv, the white flooring and sinks strike a balance.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Not counting on the light
In a dark bathroom, natural and artificial light is a factor to consider. For this reason, it is necessary to multiply the luminaires so that all corners are perfectly illuminated. They should also be placed strategically to bring out the shine of certain textured or glossy tiles. The selection is not made in this case only from a purely aesthetic point of view, but above all to be effective at a functional level, as in this proposal from Villeroy & Boch. Do not forget!

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Have decorative biases
Forget about false myths. We know that black lives better with light and meters to spare, but that does not mean that your bathroom necessarily has to be a dance square full of windows. Often, it ‘s a good choice in bathrooms mini , as this AXOR, and somewhat dark (one window itself is a requirement) that want to modernize without making major reforms. Here it can be a good ally to provide a dose of style, depth and enhance the space.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Disregard accessories
Without thinking that, many times, accessories are the ones that can make a difference, those that provide a touch of elegance, originality or charm, as in this proposal by Leroy Merlin. Soap dishes, soap dispensers, hangers or towel racks are the perfect finishing touch to a magazine bath. Let them express themselves!

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Overlook the power of black furniture
A bathroom with black furniture is ‘chic’ and elegant, don’t forget it. Like the toilets of this color, they are one of your best assets for a ‘total look’ or in combination with white or gray, as in this Duravit environment. From the sink to the column, the cart or the bench. A good idea to balance the result is to play with the materials again and mix, for example, lacquered pieces with matt black painted wood or covered with stained concrete.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Have doubts with black tiles
Don’t have them! The bathroom is not the living room and the black tiles both on the wall, as in this Scavolini proposal, and on the floor open up a world of possibilities and provide light, they also allow you to feel free and be daring. As a coating, textured tiles are often matt, but you can also find lacquered finishes, while, on the floor, the options are very varied: from parquet effect to concrete or black stone.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Do not combine textures and finishes
There is nothing that enhances the magic of black more than playing with different textures and finishes, so… exploit it! And not only for its originality, but also to give rhythm to the room and enhance its character, as is the case in this Knowhaus environment. Materials such as stone and concrete are highly recommended in a black bathroom, they provide authenticity and warmth that you may miss. In addition, textures play a fundamental role when it comes to giving light. Team up with glossy tiles, ‘subway’ tiles, or textured coverings.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Forget that there are black toilets
Whether you decide to adopt black as a whole or add white, gray or another shade to it, feel free to opt for a bathtub (this is from Lapitec), a sink, a toilet or a shower in black. Not only because they are one of the ‘must’ of the moment, but because they have the ability to transform the room in a second and provide a ‘chic’ touch without the need for anything else. Don’t just think about the bathtub, the toilets also wield that power.

Bienal Vanity BathroomGive up black taps
For being too dirty or too ‘hard’ or too flashy. They are everywhere and they are one of the decoration trends that will not die of success. You can adopt them both in industrial environments and in contemporary and design atmospheres where they provide a crazy and daring ‘chic’ air. Accessories are also available in this color to harmonize the whole set.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Pros and cons
If you still have, take a look at its advantages and disadvantages. We are sure that you will go to the dark side.

Black, with the permission of gray, is synonymous with elegance and refinement. A color that without trying too hard is ‘chic’ and sophisticated. This intrinsic value instantly gives you a place in our interior décor.

The black bathrooms are modern and chameleon. Sophisticated and with great potential, it moves between different styles (Scandinavian, minimalist, Japanese, romantic, retro…) like a fish in water. The black base is the backdrop that allows you to have fun and create a universe always full of ‘glamor’.

It is full of nuances (graphite, charcoal, slate, anthracite, licorice, ebony, with subtle blue or red brushstrokes …) which allows you to choose according to personal tastes and the type of space.

It is more ‘dirty’, that is, dust and splashes are more noticeable, especially on shiny surfaces, so it needs a more regular cleaning to always look perfect.

Absorb light. It really depends on how it’s set up and whether or not there is natural light. Depending on the effect you are looking for, it can even be an advantage. Think of a bathroom where you want to reduce the prominence of the floor and the cladding in favor of the furniture.

It can be turned off. Although this is more of a feeling, since we often associate it with grief situations, but this does not mean that it evokes sadness, especially if it is accompanied by other vibrant or golden tones. Always look at it as a way to increase sophistication.

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