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Shower Enclosures with Black Profiles: The Latest for Your Bathroom

The color black has arrived in the bathrooms to revolutionize the decoration: it is in the taps, in the accessories, in...

The color black has arrived in the bathrooms to revolutionize the decoration: it is in the taps, in the accessories, in the furniture and also in the shower or bathtub screens.

Today we review this surprising finish with which you can renovate your bathroom without having to do any works or renovations.

A very sophisticated bathroom
Who would not like to have an elegant, modern and sophisticated bathroom at home? You may use it every morning at full speed, but you will always find a moment to relax in a special bath, right?

Well, now it is possible if you choose the black color for the profiles of the shower screen, and continue with the taps and accessories such as towel racks, hangers or the holder for toilet paper.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Screens that stand out
Not so long ago, bathroom or shower screens had to be as discreet as possible to try to go unnoticed. Models were chosen with almost no profiles or, failing that, with the lightest and most invisible profiles, reduced to the maximum. It was also used to opt for transparent glass, without any color or silkscreen printing.

The key was to try to get the screen to blend in with the surroundings to hide it as much as possible. Now things have radically changed. The black partitions are present in the bathroom and reclaim their space.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

A wide variety of models and shapes
There is a wide repertoire of models of shower trays and bathtubs, and bathroom screens are not far behind. You will find black profiles designs for all types of showers, in terms of shapes and sizes.

– Square or rectangular, depending on the shape of the shower tray. In addition, they can have sliding or folding doors. For the latter you need to have a free space of about 50 cm in front of you. that allows you to open the door comfortably.

– Fronts, to close a gap between two walls or pillars.

– Shower panels. They are fixed, with a single leaf, and with a bar fixed to the wall to give them stability.

– Curves, for dishes with this shape. With sliding door opening system.

– For bathtubs, with one or two leaves.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

For bathrooms of all styles
Although it may seem that a partition with black profiles is limited to very specific styles, in reality it is not like that.

It may be a great fit in industrial or contemporary bathrooms , but it is also a perfect element in Nordic-style spaces , classics, and even retro touches. Combine it with black faucets or other materials such as brass, for example.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Black and white effect
These two colors define a winning combination in many spaces and occasions, and also in current bathrooms, especially if they show modern and minimalist lines.

You can opt, for example, for total white coatings, toilets of the same color, and add black to the taps, accessories and, of course, the shower screen. A great way to achieve modernity and style.

As for the glass for the screen, choose them transparent, neither translucent nor silk-screened.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Black, for spacious bathrooms … or not
If you have always thought that black and dark colors could only be used in large and bright spaces, you may have to rethink the question. It is possible to use black in a small bathroom, as long as you know how to do it so as not to make the mistake of overloading the environment.

Dark colors can be shocking, enigmatic, very personal. Everything is in the way you combine them to achieve balance, compensating with other lighter colors or wood tones. This way you will achieve the most decorative contrasts.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Resistant materials
One of the things that you should take care of when choosing the bathroom screen is the quality of the materials. Keep in mind that it is an item that is subjected to a lot of use, so if we choose models of questionable quality, they could be damaged in a short time.

Make sure the bearings are worth it, as they are one of the parts that suffers the most from daily wear and tear.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Security, an essential key
In addition to aesthetics and design, what we have to ask of a shower or bath screen is that it be safe. Safety when using it must be guaranteed.

Therefore, in addition to having a good seal to contain water, the materials must be reliable. In the past, acrylic was used for partition sheets, although tempered glass has long been the predominant material. It is a safety glass so, in case it is accidentally broken, it breaks down into thousands of small pieces with no sharp edges to avoid cuts.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning the bathroom screens is usually not an easy or pleasant task. The lime from the water and the soap residues remain embedded, no matter how much anti-scale and anti-drip treatment the glass has, although there are some procedures that are effective.

The black profiles should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and a neutral detergent, without using abrasive pads that scratch the lacquer.

Clean the sliding door rails frequently so dirt doesn’t build up. You can use the steamer if you want to achieve a perfect result. There are screens that allow the doors to be removed to clean the rails in depth.

To make the glass sheet flawless, do not use commercial anti-scale products, as they are usually very aggressive. Better use this homemade mixture: water, alcohol and vinegar in equal parts. Spray and clean without rinsing.

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