Bienal Vanity

Who we are

Bienal Vanity is not just a brand name. It’s the way we see bathrooms – areas of solitude, relaxation, an oasis. An escape away from a busy life, or simply just an hour’s soak for a bit of YOU time. We want to give that to you.

Bathrooms aren’t just functional areas, they matter for health and well being, both physically and mentally.

And because we’ve been in this industry for decades – 55+ years of experience precisely – we know what our customers want, and more importantly what will make your bathroom your luxury space.

Family Company

We are not a faceless company and owned by Bienal Inc. We are a family-owned and family-run business. We are just like you. That means that your expectations are our expectations.

Your dreams are our dreams. No matter who you are or where you are from, we care about you and want to give you the bathroom of your desires. Step into our world and let us find your vanity.

Why Shop With Us

Over the years, we’ve had thousands of customers buy from us, residing in 30+ different countries – from the UK, Europe to even as far away as India.

It is our customers that illustrate best why you should let us assist and trust us with your vanity needs. Our Google Business reviews provide many positive, five-star reviews that our wonderful customers have left us over the years.

We’re extremely proud of – and stand by – our record: where over 9 out of 10 customers rate us as excellent and we have an average score of 4.8/5, and where great service stands out and underpins everything we do.

But here are several extra reasons why we are right for you:

  • 55+ years experience in the industry meaning we have gone a long way and had great experiences with what we’re selling.
  • We have researched and designed innovative products ensuring that our customers get quality and great products at competitive prices.
  • Family-run and by qualified tradespeople we provide peace of mind so you can be sure that we know what we are talking about and we have your back when it comes to installation and tradespeople.
  • We have a great team that is easily accessible with direct contacts, without having to jump through hoops or call options to get to the specialized team you need to speak with.
  • No middle person between us and yourselves, meaning we can support, intervene and help with any issues prior to or post-purchase.
  • Passionate people who care about delivering your perfect vanities to you.

Technology is best when it brings people together

You are what makes us great

Every aspect of our business is set up to deliver the best results for our customers, whether that is our showroom set-up, our design experts, our customer service, our warehouse team who pack up your order ready for delivery, our team organizing your delivery, or our aftercare.

So, whether you’re looking for an entirely new bathroom vanity, or simply just replacing a mirror or countertop, we are always here for you.

At Bienal Vanity, we are on a mission to bring one-of-a-kind vanities to every household in the United States. As professional vanity designers, we strive to bring quality, organization, and comfort to your space.

Our vanities are manufactured in the United States & Europe as our way of adding value to the economy, create jobs, save costs, and maintain high standards of production.

Best Prices in North America

Bienal Vanity is the perfect blend of high-quality vanities at unbeatable prices. Our high standards and yet pocket-friendly prices have left customers coming back for more.

Our environmentally friendly policies push us to give back to the environment. We strictly use materials and finishes that don’t hurt humans or the environment. Our unmatched turnaround time sets us miles apart from the competition. We have a reputation for delivering quality rapidly.