Bienal Vanity

Bienal Vanity Warranty Policy

The guarantee offered will cover against any manufacturing defects found on the product when it is used in a normal domestic or commercial (only when stated commercial use) application. The guarantee duration is 2 years.

Serviceable parts are not part of a product’s warranty. In addition, neglect or abuse of products will make null and void any warranty period. In bathroom products that are complemented by a finished surface e.g – chrome, gold or any others available the guarantee period will apply to the surface finish, although this does not apply to any damage to the surface caused by abuse. In the event of a fault developing, please contact us, we will then advise what the manufacturer’s procedures are.

Bienal Vanity will ask for the following to have been adhered to:

  • Product was fitted as per the manufacturer’s fitting instructions
  • No Modifications or misuse, neglect or mistreatment

You will also require a proof of purchase.

You may need to fill in a form within a limited period of time in order to register your guarantee.