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Cast Iron Shower Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are all the pros and cons of a cast iron shower, including what it contains, how to clean it, if it...

Here are all the pros and cons of a cast iron shower, including what it contains, how to clean it, if it is worth it, and how much it normally weighs.

A bathroom shower tray is as important to the shower as it is to the foundation of your home because it is the bottom or foundation of the shower. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your shower base maintains its integrity.

A shower tray is probably one of the most overlooked bathroom essentials that needs your attention and thought. A shower tray should be compact and should not have leaks or mold on the floor below.

It prevents skillet accidents when installing showers by ensuring your bathroom tiles will stay dry and protecting the shower floor from leaks and mold.

What is a cast iron shower tray?

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As the name implies, it has a cast iron frame coated with many layers of enamel, which makes it shiny and sticky. Essentially, it provides a solid floor for your shower stall that dumps water from the shower head into the drain.
A cast iron shower tray is typically about 3/8 inch or more thick; Today there are cast iron shower trays made from 80% recycled iron.

However, if you prefer a more retro or mid-century look, there are vintage cast iron bathroom shower trays on the market that are made with 100% recycled iron.

Cast iron shower Son Pan
• A unique look – Cast iron shower trays have a unique elegant look and go well with cast iron bathtubs.

• Durable and retains heat well – Cast iron shower trays are durable and do not tend to crack or chip easily. It retains heat well and is unlikely to drip from the shower.

• Strong and sturdy – Cast iron has a solid and strong structure that will not be easily damaged.

• Scratch resistant – As mentioned, the enamel coating of the cast iron shower tray burns at high temperatures; therefore it is also scratch resistant.

• Resistant to cleaning products – The coating protects against most cleaning products with harsh chemicals.

• Easy to clean and maintain – Cast iron shower trays are easy to maintain and clean.

Cast iron shower trays
• Expensive – One of the most expensive materials on the market is called cast iron.

• High labor cost – The labor cost is slightly higher than other types of materials due to its weight and the time and effort required to install.

• Can be slippery when wet. – Cast iron shower trays can be slippery as the enamel coating is usually tight when wet.

• Limited colors available – Colors for cast iron shower trays are limited to a few options.

• Very heavy – Because cast iron shower trays are made of heavy iron, the floor that supports their weight must be strong and sturdy.

• Suspected Rust – Cast iron shower trays can rust areas that lose their enamel coating.

Is a cast iron shower worth it?

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Designers often recommend cast iron shower trays especially for stain resistance and durability.
This is the same material that has been used in those evergreen cast iron tubs since the 1950’s and you can’t find a much better and timeless material than that!

How do you clean a cast iron shower tray?
Cast iron shower trays are timeless, luxurious and sophisticated, until they get dirty, .i. This is how your cast iron shower patch can be properly cleaned so that you can extend its life and continue to use it for years to come.

When maintaining your cast iron shower patch by cleaning, keep in mind that stains, scratches and other types of wear should be removed from the enamel coating, not the cast iron itself.

First, you need to determine what type of stain you are treating so that you can choose the right cleaning agent.

• Iron stains – T. These are the stains that are likely to cause high iron deposits in the water that then accumulate and rust in the tub; it usually appears in an orange, red, or brown hue over time. Lemon juice and iron salt can be removed from porcelain or enamel; It can also work wonders to remove stains from your cast iron shower patch.

• Copper stains – This can cause copper pipes and fittings that leave deposits in the water to cause green or blue stains on your cast iron shower head.

One way to clean these copper stains is to mix equal parts white vinegar, flour, and salt and apply the paste to any copper stains on your cast iron shower patch. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with a little soap and water.

To remove this type of stain, mix equal parts white vinegar, flour, and salt and then apply the paste to the copper stains on your cast iron shower patch. Finally, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with a little soap and water.

It is a very good option to use common sweet ingredients and household products to clean cast iron shower trays.

Using baking soda is one of the most effective ingredients for deep cleaning your cast iron shower tray.

The first step is to sprinkle baking soda on the cast iron shower tray; then scrub the surface with a sponge, which helps to release deposits and debris on the surface of the shower tray.

Then pour vinegar into the shower tray and sponge to loosen deposits. Ammonia can be used in place of the vinegar cut by removing grease buildup and soap scum.

Another combination of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon is another natural cleaning solution – this solution works wonders for your enameled cast iron shower patch.

Apply the same steps as already mentioned, but adding a lemon that acts as a natural bleach and can refresh the surface of the shower tray and drain.

What is the strongest shower base?

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Cast iron is known to be a stronger material for a shower base than acrylic or tile and is heavier and the most durable option on the market. Read more about tile shower floors here.
An enameled cast iron shower tray can be a solid option, as it is a material that stands the test of time. They are extremely resistant and their compact composition provides complete stability.

If you want a durable, stronger, and more durable material that can provide a clean, modern look, a cast iron shower base is worth considering.

How much does a cast iron shower base weigh?
It is important to know the average weight of a cast iron shower to know if your floor is strong enough to support the shower base, especially when trying to install a cast iron shower base in the bathroom above.

A cast iron shower base weighs around 115 pounds and can weigh up to 250 pounds depending on its shape and size.

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