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24 Double Vanity Ideas for a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

The addition of a vanity to any bathroom improves it. Vanities, which are essentially just sinks and mirrors, add functionality to any...

The addition of a vanity to any bathroom improves it. Vanities, which are essentially just sinks and mirrors, add functionality to any bathroom. They make it easier to get ready in the morning, check your reflection in the middle of a party, and wash your hands whenever you need to.

However, one vanity isn’t always enough. If you share a bathroom with someone else, you may want your own space to get ready. Even if you’re flying solo, you might want to make the most of the available space. In either case, a double vanity could transform your space from good to great.

Because double vanities vary greatly in size and design, you should be able to find—or curate—one that fits perfectly into your space. Continue reading to see 24 double vanity ideas that will make you yearn for a bathroom designed for two.

Bring Out the Best in Your Space

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Before you add anything to your space, take a good, long look at what you already have. Allow your vanity to extend from wall to wall if your space already has natural boundaries. Work around your windows if you have a lot of natural light.

Consider Your Entire Space

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Your ego does not exist in a vacuum. Because it is most likely only one corner of your bathroom, it must complement the rest of your design.

Look for ways to improve the consistency and cohesion of your space. Consider using a few matching accents in your vanity if your bathroom is lined with sleek black tiles.

Let Your Sink Get Wide

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Make the most of the available space. Allow your vanity to span the width of your bathroom and invest in one large sink rather than two smaller ones.

This eye-catching accent won’t work in every room—mostly because it won’t fit in every room—but if you have the space, it can turn your bathroom into a total show-stopper.

Spring for Statement-Making Mirrors

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Mirrors are essential in any vanity, and if you’re designing a double vanity, you have the option of purchasing not one, but two, statement-making mirrors.

Look for statement pieces that combine function and form. You want a mirror that you enjoy looking at, but it’s nearly useless if you can’t see your reflection in it.

Spread Your Vanity Across Your Room

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Vanities are frequently restricted to one wall or corner, but this does not have to be the case. If you have the room, why not extend your vanity across two walls?

Make the Most of Your Space

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

In small bathrooms, double vanities are not out of the question. If you’re in a cramped quarters, look for inventive ways to make the most of what you’ve got. A double sink will transform your vanity without taking up much extra space, and if you go with a wall-mounted option, you can save space under your sink as well.

Cozy Things Up With a Rug

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Bathroom floors are typically tiled, which can be cold and harsh on bare feet, so add some warmth to your space with a rug. This rug can be as bold or as subtle as you like—just make sure you like how it feels underfoot. Its primary function is to keep you feeling at ease.

Design From Ceiling to Floor

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Vanities are typically quite tall, so they naturally direct the eye from ceiling to floor. Given this, you’ll want to ensure that your vanity is consistent from top to bottom. Begin with the lighting fixtures and work your way down to the cabinets, not forgetting the floors.

Invest in Good Lighting

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Vanities are used for more than just hand-washing; they’re also used for getting ready and checking your reflection, so good lighting is essential.

Invest in statement lighting that looks good in your space and provides all the light you need. You want your vanity to be both attractive and functional. Lighting is a great place to find a happy medium between the two.

Free Up Space With a Hovering Sink

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Many sinks are built into cabinets that extend all the way to the floor, which can be beneficial for maximizing storage space. However, if you want to make your room appear larger, you might be better off with a hovering option.

Many hovering sinks are attached to cabinets and drawers, giving you plenty of storage space. Because they float several feet above the ground, they can make your space appear and feel larger.

Use Pendant Lights to Your Advantage

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

You don’t have to hang your lights on the wall; instead, hang them from the ceiling. This creative use of pendant lighting frees up space, giving you more wall space to work with. Furthermore, it has a striking appearance, which is always a plus.

Let Your Palette Set the Mood

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Color sets the tone in any room, so choose your palette carefully. Remember that you have walls, floors, cabinets, and countertops to work with—you can also use mirrors and hardware to add an accent color or two.

Set the Tone With Every Detail

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

If you’re building a vanity from scratch rather than using a pre-made option, make sure to consider every detail. Your vanity is more than just a sink and a mirror; you must also consider countertops, cabinets, and lighting.

Spend a little more time and effort while shopping, and you’ll be glad you did when your picture-perfect bathroom comes together.

Try a Hanging Mirror

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

If you’ve been blessed with a large bathroom window, don’t cover it entirely to accommodate your vanity. Instead, look for novel ways to make use of the asset.

Consider an unconventional solution, such as hanging mirrors from your ceiling. This option maximizes the functionality of your vanity while preserving the natural light from your window.

Make the Most of Your Corners

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

The majority of vanities are located on a single wall or a smaller portion of a single wall. Yours, on the other hand, could easily stretch around a corner. Consider turning two adjacent walls into vanities if you have the space.

Treat Yourself to a Little Counter Space

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Many of us prioritize our sinks and mirrors when designing a vanity—while completely ignoring our countertops. Ample counter space, on the other hand, makes any bathroom more usable. Make it a priority, and treat yourself to a reasonable amount if you have the budget for it.

Spring for a Vessel Sink

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Vessel sinks always make a statement because they’re the kind of thing you find in sleek hotel bathrooms—not in someone’s home. So, if you have the money and the time to install a new sink, consider going for a show-stopping option.

Outfit Your Space in Extras

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

No bathroom is complete without soap, hand towels, and a visible place to store used linens. Make room for these items as you build out your vanity, and then stock up on them once the design is complete.

Keep Your Hardware Consistent

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Vanities are adorned with hardware, including sink faucets, drawer pulls, mirror frames, and lighting fixtures. If you zoom out even further, you’ll notice that your bathroom is also filled with other types of hardware, such as towel racks and door hinges.

Your hardware does not have to be perfectly coordinated, but it should feel cohesive. As you furnish your space, keep an eye on it.

Use Statement Lighting to Frame Your Vanity

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Many vanities have lighting fixtures installed above the mirrors, but you may also see lighting fixtures installed next to the mirrors. If you have the room for it, this can be a bold choice.

You have the option of framing each mirror with two lights for a total of four, or framing both mirrors with two lights. The latter option visually groups your mirrors together, making your double vanity feel more like a single unit.

Try Out a Wall-Mounted Sink

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Wall-mounted sinks can be a fun addition to any bathroom, but they’re especially enjoyable when combined with a double vanity.

Why? Wall-mounted sinks aren’t something you see every day, and double wall-mounted sinks are even rarer, so they’ll stand out in your space.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Vanities are more appealing when they have plenty of storage space. After all, you’ll need somewhere to store your toiletries. And, lest you ruin your carefully curated vanity aesthetic, you can’t just slap that stuff on your counters. Make sure to include plenty of cabinets and drawers in your design.

Go Mirrorless

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

You can make a double vanity work in almost any space, even if it’s oddly shaped. Don’t worry if a slanted wall makes mounting a mirror difficult.

Keep your sink there, and keep a mirror nearby. This deconstructed approach will not diminish the utility of your vanity. In fact, it provides a clever way to make the most of your available space.

Invest in Thoughtful Finishing Touches

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

The icing on the cake for any beautiful bathroom? The finishing touches that make it feel homey and complete. So add cozy extras like plush towels and pretty plants to your decor. These small additions will make your bathroom feel more inviting, giving you something to look forward to every time you enter.

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