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Renovating The Bathroom: Ideas for Your Planning

Renovate the bathroom, good planning to get more out of the spaces, their coverings and the different materials, their decoration. In this...

REFORM THE BATHROOM: versatile spaces where you can relax and enjoy

Renovate the bathroom, good planning to get more out of the spaces, their coverings and the different materials, their decoration…

In this post we will see many ideas for one of the most cared rooms in the house today.

The bathroom has become an area to release tension, a haven for relaxation and intimacy, a space for personal well-being, integrating bathtubs and showers with hydromassage functions and therapies, saunas and vanity areas.

It is an increasingly versatile space and has become one of the fundamental areas of the home and at the same time difficult to decorate, because in this space not only aesthetics is required but also functionality.

Find a space with peace and tranquility, a personal and functional environment where you are comfortable with materials and colors.

Crear environments well designed and comfortable, with character and a design tailored to the needs of people who live in that house.

Therefore, its distribution, equipment and decoration must be well planned, to achieve an environment full of charm and comfort.

  1. Bienal Vanity Bathroom

New m aterials, contrasts, textures, new models and formats, variety of sinks, furniture under sink, taps. Lead to a multitude of possibilities when it comes to ask and make reforms in the bathroom.

Renovate the bathroom, its planning

The baths of dimensione s largest to the smallest, they all need a planning accurate so that the elements are well arranged, either renovate facilities, expand its capabilities or desire to change your decor.

  1. Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Before starting we must have clear ideas about what we want and from there, distribution of space, choice of materials and of course compliance with the corresponding rules and regulations.

In the first place, we study the needs that the bathroom we have does not cover us.

For example, we need more space, a shower instead of a bathtub or a freestanding bathtub if we have enough space.

Sanitary suspended, more stocking or, modernize the space with other more modern materials, or materials clearer because there are dark and no windows…

Finally, determine what changes we want to have to consider a bathroom reform work.
Bienal Vanity Bathroom


Keys in the distribution Get more out of the space .

The essential thing to take advantage of the space in this room and achieve a balanced and orderly appearance, is to study the distribution of the elements with ingenuity.

That is, both the fundamentals and the usual accessories.

We are talking about towel racks, toilet paper holders, mirrors … that is, everything from the toilets, toilet, bidet, sinks, shower trays to the taps.

The coating s, plays n a starring role because they depend, or better, in them lies , the image that projects your bathroom .

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Often the work of reform to the bathroom by seeking to give or hoping to have more space.

Of course, it is best to get more space by taking square meters of adjoining rooms where space can be reduced or take advantage of the corridor if the bathroom is at the end of it …

But in the event that the bathroom is small and we cannot take meters from any adjoining room, there are resources that help us to get more out of the space.

Renovate a small bathroom

Built-in cisterns

The toilets are the basic ones in which more and more attention is repaired. The standing toilet is more economical and its installation does not present complications.

The supendidos models bring lightness and are an excellent alternative for small spaces and also for the large.

It is possible to give more visual amplitude to the space, although its installation is more complex and it must be foreseen that the cistern is necessarily embedded in the wall.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

These are quite flat and to embed them in the wall you need a thicker partition than the normal one, but even so, it is not much more space that is needed.

If a partition is 10 cm, the thickness of the wall for a built-in cistern may need to be 15 cm, that is, at this thickness it can be embedded, like the bidet support, although it needs less thickness.

Keep in mind that the wall must be partitioned, not plasterboard.

Once placed in this way, toilet and bidet, we will realize the space that we have freed and how the reduction in sizes is noticeable.

S ustituir the bathtub for a shower

With this reform the bathroom gains space since the measurements of the shower tray can be chosen smaller and also adds lightness to the space and comfort in use.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

Another solu cing to optimize is pat of the bathroom is, that the same pavement – antideslizante- is the shower floor, for which we must take into account:

-the corresponding slope,
-very important to waterproof the floor to avoid water seepage
-and so i m bearing also the drain grate and its measures, especially the background, it is the highest, to specify whether or not you can put in the bathroom.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

In other words, if you choose this option, you have to examine if the grid can be embedded in the ground , if there is enough depth, to be flush with the pavement.

L Replace pedestals os sinks

Place countertop sinks or furniture with the sink embedded in it and in the first case, put a piece of furniture at the bottom to have more storage.

In this case they can either be placed with drawers, or a low auxiliary with or without wheels, baskets for towels, or belongings of this space.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

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Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Sliding door

If the entrance door to the bathroom is sliding instead of folding, space is gained, but we consider that it depends on where this bathroom is located, since the sliding doors are not hermetic.

Clear materials

In the case of not having a window that provides natural light, it is convenient that the chosen coatings be in beige or sand, white tones.

Brown or gray colors will make the spaces darker and therefore visually smaller.

This does not detract from good ambient lighting for that intimate time where you can enjoy the bathroom with dim light.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

For separations, if it is a small bathroom, use glass, either translucent or transparent, for example in the shower.

If the space we have for the bathroom is larger, the shower can be separated by a masonry wall covered with tiles or even only paved, given the thickness of this element.

REFORM THE BATHROOM, Storage furniture
Create rational and modern environments that take advantage of space and maintain order.

How to accommodate all the toiletries, towels and cosmetics?

First of all, we have to make an assessment of the characteristics of the room, pillars, openings, angles … and choose furniture adapted to these characteristics that allow us the greatest possible storage.

In small bathrooms, due to their surface, the flown shelves are the most practical solution and also cabinets without much depth.

If the bathrooms are larger, the most suitable are the cabinets with doors and drawers to store and protect the accessories.

Auxiliary furniture in the bathroom

The auxiliary elements of the bathroom are a more functional part of the equipment.

The accessories play an important role, as the small auxiliary furniture with shelves for towels downstairs to put towels, storage columns, auxiliary wheel carts.

The towel racks, whether simple or thermal, that dry and heat the towels at the same time that they heat the same bathroom, the paper dispensers, toilet brush holders, chrome, porcelain or wood , glass …

All this set of elements allows to renew the aesthetics of any bathroom with not much investment.

Likewise, very decorative, are the natural fiber baskets of different sizes to store clothes or shoes or loose trays for cosmetics.

Of all these elements, bathroom accessories, the mirror has a great role, because it has to adapt to the daily needs and the style of the bathroom environment.

With or without a frame, elongated occupying the wall canvas, round, square or with sinuous curves … metal, wood, vintage, retro or modern design, the mirror can become the center of attention of this bedroom.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

The vanity unit is the most complete option for storing the many objects that are accumulated and stored in the bathroom.

They allow “less aesthetic” objects to be hidden, although the closed part and the open part can be combined to make them visually lighter.

Suspended basin cabinets have a large storage capacity inside, they help to keep the environment from looking too cluttered and create a greater sense of visual depth.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Furthermore, the free modules ensure a dynamic and flexible order.

These moving parts have the advantage of adapting to the progressive needs of its users, adding modules or placing them elsewhere.

You can also place shelves or create niches on the bathroom walls, they are small interventions in the walls taking advantage of the projection of a pillar, for example.

It will help us to create a space where to place objects such as bath gels to other more decorative ones such as candles, colognes and perfumes.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Bathtub, shower, sink, toilet and bidet are the basic elements of every bathroom.

The success when distributing it is to achieve a clear and open space, not an easy task when it comes to a small bathroom.Bienal Vanity Bathroom

In the case of the main bedroom, they can be integrated and this is almost a constant, the bathroom in the bedroom, that is to say, make a suite.

A space with a proper bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, either separated within the same space or integrated into the same bedroom.

Although, of course , subject to size and personal taste and if this solution is chosen, the most common organization is that the sink and vanity area are visible.

It is more common for the bathroom area to become independent in a cabin with translucent doors as well as the shower.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

In the case of being a bathroom to be shared by several people, it is necessary to design such a distribution that allows the use of more than one person at the same time.

This means that the sinks, the toilet stall and the shower area are used at the same time.

Choose between bathtub or shower
What can make the scale unbalanced?

The number of models of bathtubs and showers currently on the market means that both of them cover all needs.

In the case of small spaces, it is advisable to choose a shower instead of a bathtub and also taking into account the age of the people who use that bathroom, since at a certain age it is more comfortable and allows better accessibility.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

100% does not replace one of the functions of the other, the bathtub can be enjoyed in a relaxed way, while lying down, however sitting or standing in the shower.

The bathtubs are open in most cases, the showers are independent with screens … and very importantly, the bathtub uses much more water.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

RE FORM THE BATHROOM. Create zones for three basic functions.
In a small bathroom, the toilets, toilet and bidet are the pieces that require more privacy.

The ideal distribution is the one that provides greater privacy to the bathroom and in a relatively large one, it can be divided into zones:

Lavatory area

Water space

Sanitary area.

And as noted above, in the case of a bathroom shared by several people, health can wean in a cabin that can keep cerr to give.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Design a countertop that contains 2 sinks so that 2 people can use them at the same time and a separate and closed shower space.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

In the case of a smaller bathroom, even for single person use, separating rooms by placing the toilet and bidet behind a separator is very successful.

Either a wall-type work wall that with a height of 120 cm is sufficient, or acid-etched glass as is the traditional shower screen or pieces of transparent or translucent tiles.
Bienal Vanity Bathroom

REFORM THE BATHROOM Tile or paint the walls?
Being a room in continuous contact with water, the most important thing is that the coating is waterproof, resistant to humidity and high temperatures.

In the bathroom, the material chosen for the coating becomes the protagonist of the decoration

Ceramic tiles

They combine functionality, beauty and resistance in the coatings of the house. Some fundamental premises when choosing the surfaces of the house.


Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

Ceramic cladding is used for walls and flooring, offering highly valued possibilities for its characteristics, variety of formats and finishes.

The wood or Par-Ker ceramics for the floors do not lose the cozy, warm and elegant aspect of natural wood combined with the advantages of a ceramic.

Its low porosity makes it an ideal material for bathrooms and kitchens.

The anti-slip version, with a non-slip surface, is used for outdoors, pool areas and for the shower space instead of the traditional shower tray.

Ceramics is the unalterable usual passing time option, for consistency, for its high decorative performance and present in many of dis and us colors and finishes.

Ceramic is a sustainable material, a material that is environmentally friendly, natural and non-polluting. Of all the colors, sizes and finishes, they allow the bathroom walls to be waterproofed effectively and are easy to maintain.

Warmth is another of its characteristics despite what many may think, because thanks to technology, ceramics can perfectly reproduce materials such as wood.

It has technically the advantages of a ceramic and aesthetically with the naturalness of wood.

The ceramics, resistant and beautiful, have endless decorative possibilities and conquer, more and more, the spaces of a home.

Before a reform, these surfaces are the perfect background for current environments, adapting to all kinds of styles and budgets.

Tendency to naturalness creating elegant and practical spaces.

Porcelain stoneware, gresite, made up of very small pieces and the clay slabs give a rustic touch that is fully up-to-date.

Natural stone
Very hard-wearing and easy-to-maintain coatings.

The veining of marble, quartz, slate and granite are one of its best assets, exclusive pieces since it is practically impossible to find 2 identical pieces.

They have an unbeatable color range to create contemporary, rustic, industrial or classic atmospheres.

Natural stone stands out for its natural beauty and for its great resistance to wear and tear.

It is probably the oldest known building material, its toughness and noble aging properties are its best calling cards.

These materials still do not lose their space when it comes to offering a decorative plus to any environment . It is used for wall and floor covering, countertops, sinks and bathtubs.

Natural stone has a myriad of finishes and color, depending on its geographical origin.

But once in the factory they can be given a finish other than natural and a treatment that makes them waterproof, more durable, matte or shiny, enhancing the pores or grain.

All designed so that they can be installed in any room of the house and even outside.

Natural stone floors must be placed on a completely smooth and level surface and require a suitable adhesive cement for their placement and adherence.


A material of great beauty and unique technical characteristics.

With a wide range of colors, from white to green, red, brown and cream tones, used for flooring, wall cladding, countertops and sinks.

Its resistance to steam and hot water makes it ideal for bathroom walls.

Not all varieties offer the same benefits and it is necessary to inquire about the degree of porosity of the variety that is chosen.

Its extensive color palette allows it to be adapted to the most varied decorative projects.

Natural wood
Wood stands out for its warmth and natural beauty .
It must be properly treated to resist humidity and stabilize it to reduce dimensional movements caused by sudden changes in temperature.

It comes in a wide variety and origin such as oak, hay, cherry, maple.

Tropical woods are used as flooring because they have great resistance to humidity and because they provide flexibility to the coatings.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

Renovate the bathroom And without works?

Plastic paints
They are another good alternative, made with acrylic resins. Paint is cheap and easy to renew, but it is still a much more fragile and delicate material than ceramic or marble.

Although nowadays the paints are of quality and allow even wet areas to be painted, for example the shower itself, we are going to see the options that can be presented.

An intermediate option is to tile up to a half height and paint the upper part with a layer of water-repellent paint.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Its surface is resistant, plasticized that facilitates its cleaning and allows to renew the bathroom quickly and economically .

Papers painted vinyl washable
They can be washed with a damp cloth, it is a suitable material to combine with others, such as wood.

Vinyls with a multitude of designs and models of images, washable even with detergent. The special vinyl wallpaper for wet areas creates environments with a marked personality.

Bienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity BathroomBienal Vanity Bathroom

It is rarely applied uniquely and independently on bathroom walls.

It is usually combined with ceramic tiles, natural stones or treated woods in areas directly exposed to water, such as the walls of the shower or the front of the sinks.

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