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Do You Know How To Choose The Best Freestanding Bathtub For Your Bathroom?

Although day-to-day life pushes us to a busy life dominated by haste in which taking a bath is a disused custom..

Although day-to-day life pushes us to a busy life dominated by haste in which taking a bath is a disused custom, relegated to oblivion in favor of revitalizing showers, having a freestanding bathtub at home is the perfect excuse to enjoy occasionally a comforting bubble bath. Find out what type of bathtub is the best for your bathroom.

Not just for bathing
A classic bathtub, with its legs and stately bearing, or a contemporary model, with its advanced and avant-garde design. Whatever you dream of, having a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom is a great idea that will give you moments of real luxury.

Although it is not a habitual habit that we repeat daily, taking a bath can become a relaxing and special activity. However, freestanding bathtubs fulfill another mission, in addition to serving for bathing: to decorate the space and provide character, elegance and distinction.

Do not resist placing a beautiful bath as this classic model that has been painted in a beautiful green tones with matching wall decorated with a color gradient with painting chalk paint Annie Sloan. The result could not be more decorative.

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Advantages and disadvantages of freestanding bathtubs
One of the greatest attractions of having a freestanding bathtub is its great decorative power that will make it the center of the space. However, it is not the only advantage. Take note of everything that one of these bathtubs can do for you and your bathroom, and the drawbacks, which also have some.

– Having one of these wonderful bathtubs will bring you relaxing baths and moments of maximum happiness.

Installation is simpler than that of a built-in bathtub.

– As points against we can mention that freestanding bathtubs are more expensive and require more space in the bathroom.

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Size is the key
But what does it take to be able to enjoy a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom? First of all, square meters. There is no point in wanting to install a bathtub of this type if our bathroom is very small. It will barely leave us room to move and it will become a hindrance.

If you do not have enough space, it is best to give up the idea and go for a good shower. But if your bathroom is medium, even if it is not as spacious as a ballroom, you can fulfill your dream of having a freestanding bathtub.

There are small models that are perfect for medium-sized bathrooms. The rectangular bathtubs standard usually have between 70 and 80 cm wide, and between 150 and 180 cm long.

You can also choose a round bathtub like this one from Viadurini, which will be very well installed in a corner of the bathroom and will not steal much space.

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What shape do you like?
In terms of shape and design, there is an endless repertoire of options to choose from, starting with rectangular ones, more in keeping with modern and current styles. Its straight and pure lines are perfect for environments with a minimalist air. Choose them if your bathroom is not too big, to place next to a wall.

The oval or round models, like classic vintage tubs or pedestal legs are a good idea in spacious bathrooms, and you can install them in the center of the space to make them the absolute protagonists.

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The classic clawfoot bathtubs
They have a stately and elegant air that decorates by itself, and they are perfect in classic or retro- style bathrooms. The old ones, usually from the first half of the 20th century, were made of cast iron from a specific mold according to the size and shape of the bathtub, and then covered with enameled porcelain.

Even today you can get authentic classic models in companies like Cántabra de Franquicias, specialists in restoring old bathtubs. The one in the image is a new, classically inspired model from Viadurini.

One tip: if you are installing a cast iron bathtub, keep in mind that it can have a considerable weight.

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Today’s materials
Nowadays, different materials are used to make bathtubs. The most common, both built-in and free-standing, are made of enameled steel, a very resistant material. Due to their advantages, they last many years in perfect condition.

Acrylic bathtubs also stand out, very common for being quite inexpensive. They are not too resistant, so they are usually reinforced with other materials such as polyester fiber.

There are resin and mineral– filled bathtubs, very moldable, with which a great variety of designs and shapes can be achieved.

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Pure design
In addition to the old clawfoot bathtubs and the most contemporary models, there are other types of bathtubs that display great elegance and glamor.

They are true marvels of the most exclusive design, such as the Diamond bathtub by Boca do Lobo. The structure is made of fiberglass and the bathtub with cast iron, with a high-gloss black lacquer finish.

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The taps: how to choose the right one
There are several ways to incorporate the faucet into the bathtub, depending on the model you choose. You can install the taps on the wall if the bathtub is next to one of them, or place the taps in the bathtub itself, either at the head or on one of the sides. Finally, the taps can be installed on metal pipes that rise directly from the ground.

Whichever system you choose, opt for contemporary taps for modern bathtubs and retro air taps for classic clawfoot bathtubs.

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Your bathtub, like the first day
Depending on the way you take care of your bathtub, it will last you more or less years. To begin with, cleanliness is essential. You will have to use products and utensils that are not aggressive to avoid scratching the surface, neither on the inside nor on the outside.

Clean your bathtub frequently to prevent soap scum and limescale from building up. Otherwise, they will be much more difficult to remove. If you live in an area with very hard water, with a lot of lime, dry it well after cleaning it.

In case of any damage in the bathtub, it may be that it has a solution. Cast iron ones such as legs can be restored. It is also possible to repair resin and mineral filled bathtubs.

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