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Bathroom Window Blinds (Different Types and Designs)

Here's our guide to the different types of bathroom window blinds, including vinyl, PVC, faux wood, wood, and aluminum. Choosing the right...

Here’s our guide to the different types of bathroom window blinds, including vinyl, PVC, faux wood, wood, and aluminum.

Choosing the right blinds for bathroom windows is more challenging than other window treatments. Homeowners need to consider not only the aesthetics of the blinds, but also the temperature, lighting, privacy requirements, and humidity of the bathroom.
If one buys the wrong blind bathroom window, there is a risk of mold and mildew forming that can harm the health of all family members. Using the bathroom with the wrong blinds can also be uncomfortable.

Types of bathroom blinds

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Bathroom window blinds come in a variety of materials, styles, and shapes, providing privacy, lighting, and moisture resistance to varying degrees. Prospective buyers should learn the common types of bathroom window blinds to make it easier to choose the best product for their homes.


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Blinds and curtains that contain polyvinyl chloride are ideal for bathrooms where the shower is near or near the window. PVC blinds are exceptionally waterproof and resistant to oils, chemicals, salts, dirt, grime, and UV rays. The special coating gives the PVC blinds greater durability and resistance.
PVC bathroom window blinds are easy to clean and disinfect, giving homeowners excellent control over microbial growth. These blinds give the bathroom a clean, minimalist look and provide extensive light and privacy controls.


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Vinyl bathroom window blinds cover a wide range of products, including PVC. This window treatment option is ideal for homes with showers and bathtubs near the windows.
Vinyl materials have excellent waterproofing and UV resistance to give homeowners better control over mold and thin growth. Read more about our article on the pros and cons of vinyl bathroom flooring here.

Vinyl bathroom window blinds are not intended to be sanitized if one wants to be sure that the bathrooms are germ-free. Depending on the type of vinyl bathroom window that is blind, homeowners can ensure their privacy while swimming.

Imitation wood

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Preferred by many interior decorators and contractors, faux wood bathroom window blinds offer unique morbidity and moisture resistance. These window treatments have natural wood appeal without the tendency to crack or warp.
Synthetic wood also has excellent mold resistance and slenderness, protecting the health of everyone in the home. Cleaning and maintenance are as diligent as you can imagine.

A bathroom window blind can be a great interesting backdrop for decorative tapes for clothing and custom curtains.

Woven wood

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Homeowners who have exhaust fans in their bathrooms may consider woven wood blinds for bathroom windows. This material is a popular choice with families who want a more rusty look in their showers. Read more about our article on the different types of glass shower doors here.
The unique grain, colors, and patterns of wood can add an aesthetically pleasing textural element to bathroom windows.

It should be understood that moisture does not sit well with natural wood. This is why homeowners should turn on their exhaust fans after each bath to keep woven wood curtains or blinds dry.

Another thing worth considering is the amount of privacy woven wood provides. There are gaps between the wooden boards that can be displayed, especially at night. The privacy liner on the bathroom window should help.

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These bathroom window blinds are affordable, lightweight, and durable. Mini blinds or mini blinds can be installed to create a perfect and more modern bathroom window.
While there isn’t as much demand for faux wood or woven wood, aluminum bathroom window blinds are the perfect choice for homeowners who want the best privacy when taking a shower.

The best blinds for bathrooms
The best blinds for bathrooms should address three essential parameters, although the room is there if homeowners want their rooms to have character, too.

Ideally, a bathroom window blind should resist moisture and prevent the growth and build-up of mold and mildew. While most people do not have a problem with these germs, some people can get serious respiratory conditions if they are exposed to these germs.

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Even if no one in the family gets sick from limited exposure, the odor produced by these microorganisms can be unpleasant. Overly friendly guests cannot be led into the musty smelling bathroom.
Therefore, vinyl, PVC, and synthetic wood shutters are excellent options for preventing gray and mold growth in the bathroom. These window treatments are also very easy to clean and disinfect, making sure there are no stains or other germs on the surface. They are also quick drying.

The second factor that a bathroom blind should address is privacy. The best products for the best bathroom privacy are aluminum, PVC and vinyl blinds, while synthetic wood and woven wood can offer some privacy.

Another factor is light filtering or the ability of the window treatment to allow natural light. Proper lighting can make the bathroom more substantial, improve mood, and help with precise shaving or makeup application.

If you still can’t make up your mind about the best bathroom window shades, you can read our article on blinds and shades here.
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Synthetic wood and woven wood shutters are great for filtering natural light.
Homeowners may want to consider style when choosing the best bathroom window blind. Unfortunately, the style is a personal choice. What may be elegant for one person may be empty and boring for another.

However, faux wood blinds are great for enhancing bathroom aesthetics. On the other hand, woven wood will always be an option for people who want a more natural and rusty environment.

Best blinds for bathroom privacy

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Family members and guests will feel more comfortable and safe using the bathroom if they have complete privacy. Getting the right blinds for your bathroom windows is crucial to help keep unwanted eyes out of the shower. See the different types of blinds here.
Aluminum blinds are great options for keeping your bathroom private. These window treatments are opaque, light and resistant.

Faux wood, vinyl and PVC blinds are not far behind, giving homeowners more options to keep their bathroom businesses private.

Investing in privacy window siding is also a good idea. This product improves the protection of the bathroom against peepers, making the occupant feel more comfortable.


Bathroom window blinds are made from different materials that offer different levels of light filtering, moisture resistance, style, and privacy of a bathroom. Faux Wood Bathroom Window Blinds are an exceptional choice for any home.

These products are resistant to moisture damage, have a modern look, provide adequate privacy, and allow natural light to pass through. Of course, homeowners can choose the blinds that they think are perfect for their bathrooms.

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