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The vanity is one of the bathroom's focal points, and it's likely to be the first thing your family and guests notice...

The vanity is one of the bathroom’s focal points, and it’s likely to be the first thing your family and guests notice when they walk in. Do you want the focal point of your bathroom to look sleek, modern, and effortless? Do you prefer a more classic, refined look? What if you have a large family that necessitates a blend of form and function to avoid surface space conflicts? Whatever you want, reading our helpful guide of bathroom vanity tips below is a great place to start!

Choosing the Right Vanity Style

The majority of bathroom vanities fall into one of three styles: antique, transitional, or modern. These represent the unit’s exterior appearance, though all three are available in a variety of finishes, colors, and models. They are adaptable to a variety of sinks and mounting styles (more on this later).

Antique Vanities

Through flourishes and ornate details, this vanity style harkens back to a bygone era. Antique vanities are ideal for people who want to give their home an opulent or traditional look. Our James Martin collection at Modern Bathroom includes a variety of beautiful and richly finished oak and cherry cabinets. Consider the Brookfield Double Vanity if you have a large family. Meanwhile, the 26″ Mykonos Single Vanity is ideal for a compact single unit that will fit into any space.

Transitional Vanities

With a midcentury feel, this style bridges the gap between antique and modern. These pieces would look equally at home in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home or in your own apartment. The Wyndham Collection offers these vanities in a tremendous range of colors and shapes, including some units that are 78 inches or longer, ideal for families that like to have a lot of countertop room. To brighten the room, try the 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity in white for a clean and classic look.

Modern Vanities

Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest in design aesthetics? If so, you’ll be able to find a modern vanity in a style that reflects your personal preferences. Colors and designs vary, but clean lines, sharp angles, metal accents, and possibly color blocking are to be expected. Consider the Madeli Metro 48″ Vanity with Quartz Top if you like the minimalism of ash grey.

Choosing the Right Vanity Design

Single vs. Double Vanities

Bathroom vanities are available in a variety of styles and layouts. The first thing you should think about is the size of the room. Do you have enough room for a larger vanity with double sinks? Even if you do, you may prefer one sink over another. This allows you to gain access to additional counter space. A double vanity should have a minimum width of 48 inches as a rule of thumb. Take a look at the sleekly designed Madeli Soho series if you’re interested.

Type of Sink Mounting

  • The sink or sinks can be installed above, level with, slightly recessed, or as an under-mount. Each style has distinct benefits and drawbacks:
  • Above-counter or vessel sinks are fashionable and elegant, but they are slightly more expensive. Cleaning in the nooks around them can also be more difficult.
  • Integrated or level sinks are the norm in many homes, and you’ll find a wide range of prices and options to suit your design and budget.
  • Recessed sinks can add a unique visual element to a room. They are well-suited to a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Under-mounted sinks are another popular option, but they may necessitate additional installation steps.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

1. Measure the available space.
This may appear to be a simple tip, but don’t overlook it when brainstorming bathroom vanity ideas. Because you don’t want to fall in love with a unit that won’t fit in your space. Remember to factor in the width of the doorway as well.

2. Think about the user.
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vanity. Different households will have varying requirements. Double sinks may be appreciated by a working professional couple who gets ready for work at the same time every morning. A vanity for a teen’s bathroom should have plenty of shelves and storage space. If the unit is going in a guest bathroom, you may want to go with a more simple design.

3. Choose your materials.
A stone countertop appears elegant, but it may require more maintenance than a more durable material such as acrylic or porcelain. You may prefer an integrated sink for ease of cleaning, but this limits your material options.

4. Take into account placement.
You want enough room for people to move around comfortably past the vanity. Lighting is also important. Look for natural light sources, consider where the lamps are, and, if all else fails, have additional lighting sources wired in place.

5. Make a budget.
This includes the unit’s purchase price, installation fees, and the cost of yearly maintenance for certain materials. There are a variety of ways to achieve the desired look at various price points. For example, if you like the look of natural stone, there are a variety of materials that can be used to replicate it. It is also possible to splurge on the desired countertop if you choose a less expensive base. Hopefully, the above guide has provided you with some inspiration and direction in selecting the ideal vanity for your bathroom. We encourage you to browse Modern Bathroom’s extensive selection for even more bathroom vanity ideas!

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