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Bathroom Laundry (Combo Room Ideas)

Here we share some ways on how to put clothes in the bathroom, including some tips on how to convert clothes in...

Here we share some ways on how to put clothes in the bathroom, including some tips on how to convert clothes in the bathroom, the best place to put the washer and dryer, and the bathroom with laundry design ideas.

Most of the older houses have a separate bathroom and laundry room. The laundry room is located in the basement or next to the kitchen. Others have laundry near the garage entrance and the bathroom has a toilet and shower.
However, homes that do not have a basement or garage need space for your washer and dryer. A good option is the bathroom. Read more about basement laundry and dryer ideas in garage ideas here.

Can I put a washer and dryer in the bathroom?

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Ingenious people have found an additional use for the bathroom. Not only do they use it for personal hygiene, but they found that they can also use it for washing.
However, is it safe to have my washer and dryer in the bathroom?

The answer is yes. However, there are things you need to do first to avoid some problems. Here are some ways to make sure you can put your washer and dryer in the bathroom.

Check if the bathroom floor is waterproof.

The bathroom floor must be waterproof. Possible leaks from the washer and dryer can damage the bathroom floor.

If the floor is not waterproof, install the stone tiles first. This material would last a long time despite leaks.

Find the dimensions of the bathroom.

Make sure there is space for the washer and dryer. There must be space to wash clothes.

Check how to locate your appliance.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

If there is space, you can place them side by side. But you can stack the dryer on top of the washer to save space.
Installation of dryer ducts.

If you have a gas dryer, install a gas line. Add a water line to your washer.

Try closing and opening the bathroom door.

Do this after adding the washer and dryer. If you can’t, remove other bathroom furniture.

Cover the washer and dryer.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Use a piece of board. It can function as a space where you can fold clothes.
Be careful with the water and the light. They can be a dangerous combination. Here are some precautionary measures when placing your dryer and washing machine in the bathroom.

Remove the plugs and outlets from the washer.

They need to be wet. Cover them after using the washer and dryer.

Restroom plugs must be grounded at circuit breakers.

Skip the electricity when something goes wrong with your washer and dryer. Helps prevent accidents.

Pay attention to exposed and framed wiring for washer and dryer. Repair them immediately.

Where do you put the washing machines in the bathroom?

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Where is the best place in the bathroom to put the washer and dryer? These are the perfect places in the bathroom to put your cabinet.
Side to side
If you have space, you can place the washer and dryer side by side against the wall. Make sure they are away from the shower.

You don’t want your appliances to get wet. Cover electrical outlets and plugs for added safety.

Under a hanging closet

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Most bathrooms have hanging cabinets. They contain medications, first aid kits, toiletries, and beauty products. Others store folding towels in hanging cabinets.
Place your washer and dryer underneath. You can place them side by side or stack them.

Under the sink

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

If the sink area is spacious, use the space under the laundry and the front-loading dryer. You can put your appliances under one side and a cabinet under the other.

Under a bench
If your bathroom has a bench to fold clothes, place appliances underneath. You can sort the clothes and fold them on the bench.

In a corner

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

The corners of the bathroom are excellent places for washers and dryers. If the bathroom furniture is in a corner, remove it. Replace the washer and dryer.
You can install cabinets above and next to your washer and dryer for more storage space.

Hiding behind a curtain or closet door.
You don’t want to show off an old washer and dryer. You can install a shower curtain on one side of the bathroom. Place the washer and dryer behind the curtain.

How to turn a laundry into a bathroom

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

Would you like to add another bathroom to your home? Why not turn your laundry area into a bathroom?
You can put your washer and dryer in your new bathroom anyway. Adding another bathroom can add value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.

Here are some things to consider when turning your laundry room into a bathroom:

DIY or hire professionals?
A good experience in plumbing will allow you to turn the laundry room into a bathroom on your own. If you don’t know anything about plumbing, hire an employee to do the job.

Make a bathroom plan before you start work. You should do this even if you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Or show on your plan where you want the toilet, shower, or tube and sink. If you want to mark the vanity cabinets, towel racks and storage areas in your plan, where you need them.

There is plumbing in the laundry room. But you have to make some changes. It should have a hot and cold water supply pipe and a loose pipe.

You have to extend them to the sink, shower, and toilet. These fittings also require loose tubing. Hire a plumber and electrician for the task.

You also need to waterproof the walls behind the shower and the floor. The materials you use will depend on the type of flooring you have. See our laundry flooring guide here.

Other considerations
Install toilets near septic tank drains. All you need is cold water for the bath. Install drain lines and vents before installing supply lines.

Have more lighting. Hire an electrician to do the work.

Bathroom with laundry design

Bienal Vanity Bathroom

If you plan to have a bathroom with laundry, here are some designs to consider.
• For a bathroom with little space, go to the laundry room outside of the shower.

• Put clothes behind closed doors. You can also set up a bench and put your clothes underneath.

• Place the appliance under the sink and washing machine for a perfect look.

• Place your clothing under a hanging dresser.

Try integrating your washer and dryer with the bathroom and enjoy the convenience and save space.

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