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Bathroom Design: Ideas, Plans and Photos

New trends and fashions have made these austere spaces evolve years ago, to turn them into a leading piece of our home.

The BATHROOM DESIGN is one of the most changed of all rooms of the house, in recent times.

New trends and fashions have made these austere spaces evolve years ago, to turn them into a leading piece of our home.

Bienal Vanity Bathroom
Bathrooms: design
Bathrooms are spaces that require careful planning. And this, doing it well, takes time, because the options are more limited and the mistakes are irremediable.

To begin, we have to think about the arrangement of the elements, since a good planning can make them appear more spacious and this will depend on the measurements of the space and the shape of it.

The meters that we have are the essential factor to design a bathroom that contains everything you need.

A sketch of the room is made and if you start from scratch, you have to take into account the location and size of the toilet, bathtub, sink and bidet.

The space we need to move around comfortably and the storage spaces.

Flat bathrooms of a reform
In the case of new construction or renovation of the bathrooms in the house, it is best to make a consistent arrangement of needs and tastes.
In this reform carried out in an independent single-family house, the clients wanted a bedroom with a spacious bathroom.

As seen in the foreground, the area to be renovated consisted of three spaces:

  • a courtesy toilet, with sink and toilet,
  • a bedroom with a 90 cm bed and below
  • a study room.
Changes in the reform

  • The toilet was dispensed with, the partition was dismantled and the access door to it was closed.
  • Likewise, the entrance door to the study room was closed and the partition was brought in line with the previous one.
  • Once with the open space, the new bathroom was closed, which has exterior ventilation.
  • A countertop with two sinks next to the window and a fitted shower area behind the bathroom access door.
  • The toilet and bidet were located in a separate area, separated from the rest by a fixed and sliding glass door .
  • It was achieved with a good planning of the space, a bathroom just as the clients wanted and also a double bedroom, with a meter-eight by two-meter bed and a ninety-centimeter deep walk-in closet.Bathroom design, materials

Porcelanosa materials used . For wall cladding, the Madison nacre model, format 31.60 x 90 cm, and for flooring, the Ferroquer aluminum model, format 44 x 66 cm.

Bathrooms: toilets and taps
The toilets also from the Porcelanosa firm . The sinks are the XL Kube model, measuring 42x 42 cm and in white.
Bienal Vanity Bathroom
The Bela model toilet and bidet, white

Bienal Vanity Bathroom
The Bela model faucet, high spout mixer
Bienal Vanity Bathroom
»And remember that a correct distribution and choice of materials are the best introduction to bathrooms.»

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