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All The Keys to Choosing The Best Shower Tray for Your Bathroom

The shower has become one of the highlights of the bathroom, ahead of the bathtub. It is revitalizing, dynamic and more...

The shower has become one of the highlights of the bathroom, ahead of the bathtub. It is revitalizing, dynamic and more practical for day to day, so it is advisable to choose quality materials and elements, which are practical and durable.

That extends to shower trays. We tell you what the essential characteristics of each type are so that you can choose and get it right.

Plates of work, yes or no?
Some time ago, the built-in shower trays were the most decorative and modern option, ahead of the prefabricated trays that used to be ceramic. The built-in plates share the same type of bathroom floor, achieving a continuous, highly decorative effect. However, they also have certain drawbacks that you should be aware of.

To begin with, if they are not waterproofed properly, they can present cracks or dampness. Being made to measure, they are more expensive and the installation is more complex. Finally, in the event of a breakdown, you may have the problem of not finding identical materials to place after the repair.

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Why bet on pre-made dishes
With prefabricated shower trays, whatever the material they are, you avoid the problems of construction. They have, compared to these, a series of advantages that make them the best option:

– They are installed more quickly and in a simpler way, with the saving of time, effort and also money that this supposes.

– They present a lower risk of humidity and leaks.

– You have different materials to choose from.

– A world of aesthetic possibilities opens up before you in terms of design, color and finish.

– The price range is very wide. It will be easy for you to find a shower tray suitable for your needs.

– You will have less problems in case of breakdown. You can remove the plate and reinstall it later.

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A great variety to choose from
It is one of the incentives to choose a prefabricated shower tray: the wide variety of models, sizes and colors that you have at your disposal. You will have no problem finding the plate you need, the right size and in the color that best suits the rest of your bathroom decor.

Although the most popular material is resin, they can also be porcelain or acrylic.

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The reliability of tradition
Resistant and with many features. This is how ceramic shower trays are, the usual ones. They are solid and durable, although they may have lost their validity in the face of new materials. Ceramic plates are quite thick and robust in appearance.

Another option is acrylic shower trays, similar in appearance to ceramic ones, although much lighter. They are also quite inexpensive.

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Natural stone
The beauty of marble and other natural stones is reflected in these types of shower trays, which decorate any bathroom by themselves. They have the benefits and special characteristics of this material and, as they are usually made to measure, they adapt perfectly to any gap.

You have different options to choose the one that best combines with the rest of the elements of your bathroom: white or black marble, travertine, limestone, slate, etc. In addition, they are non-slip (they have category C3, the highest).

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Resin, the most demanded
They are the preferred today: shower trays made of resins and mineral fillers. And it is not surprising, since they are available in endless colors, sizes and finishes. In fact, in terms of design, they are the ones that offer the greatest variety.

You can choose them extra-flat, only 3 cm thick, so they are completely flush with the ground, and they are capable of adapting to any gap, since they can be cut easily.

One tip: choose mass-dyed resin dishes. That is to say, that they have the same color throughout their thickness, and not only in the surface layer. In this way, if it is chipped by an impact, it will not appear white and the deterioration will go unnoticed.

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The latest features
One of the attractions of resin dishes are the benefits they offer, in addition to those already mentioned.

– They are non-slip, which is important to avoid accidents, especially if you have children or elderly people at home. It is advisable to choose category C3 dishes.

Antibacterials: in addition to being safer, they stay clean longer since bacteria and microorganisms do not adhere to the surface.

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Shock proof
Shower trays made of resin and mineral fillers usually have a final finishing layer known as a gel coat. It is a highly resistant coating that was used to reinforce the hull of boats.

Today it has evolved to a different use and is applied to shower trays to protect them from bumps and scratches. In this way, they are much more durable.

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Infinite variety
If you are looking for a shower tray beyond the usual plain white, today you have it easy, since resin trays are available in a wide repertoire of designs, colors and finishes to choose from.

In addition to a very wide color panorama, you can opt for plates that imitate other materials such as slate, marble or wood. They also display various textures, more or less rough.

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